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You can consult our hospital in three ways:



Center Physician What is an Appointment System?

Center Physician Appointment System; It is an application that the citizens can make appointments from the operators or the hospitals and physicians via the web by calling the Central Physician Appointment System from the Alo182 line for the 2nd and 3rd rank hospitals and oral and dental health centers connected to the Ministry of Health.


Center Physician What is the purpose of the appointment system?

vPlanning a better resource in hospitals (efficient and efficient planning of labor force and equipment), increasing citizen / patient satisfaction, reducing queues in hospitals.

vMeasuring resource utilization and distribution in hospitals (effective and efficient implementation of labor force, machinery and equipment); increasing the efficiency and quality of the provision of health services.

vCenter Physician Appointment System data, to help develop health policies.

When is it possible to get an appointment from MHRS?

You can make appointments to hospitals and oral and dental health centers affiliated to the Ministry of Health on the same day until 07.00 in the morning and at the earliest after 1 pm and after 15 days.

Family physicians can get appointments on the same day (at the earliest half an hour) and at the latest 15 days later.


Appointment priority has been started in MHRS for over 65 years of age, risk pregnant and disabled citizens whose needs have priority.

The daily quotas of our physicians are automatically allocated to these citizens. Citizens with a "priority" record in the Ministry of Health records can make an appointment by using the quota allocated to them.

How to get an appointment?

MHRS Appointment main channels are as follows:

ALO 182 call center, MHRS website (,MHRS mobile app

v  To get an appointment via MHRS, you can get support from our operators by calling our ALO 182 line..

v  To make an appointment from the web;

If you do not already have a membership registration, click the "Get an Appointment" button, and then click "Register" to make your membership process. If your membership is available, you can create your appointment by selecting the hospital and physician you want with your ID number and password.

v  To make an appointment on MHRS mobile, you can download the MHRS application from the application market of your smart device and if you don't have a membership record, you can get your appointment by logging in with your ID number and password.

v  Consultation routing staff in our hospital provides MSRS service

v  An appointment may be made to two different branches per institution on the same day, provided that the hours and polyclinics are different.

v  You will be examined 15 minutes before the appointment time.


How to cancel an appointment ya da you enter the Make an appointment at, you can see your appointments from the "Appointment History" section at the top of the screen by logging in with your ID number and password, and cancel your appointment by clicking the "Cancel" button on the right side of the appointment you want to cancel.

After logging in to MHRS Mobile from your smart device, you can see your appointments from the "Appointment History" screen and cancel your appointment by clicking the "Cancel" button at the bottom of the appointment you want to cancel.

ALO 182If you answer the questions asked within the scope of information security by calling our call center, you can cancel your appointment.



vIn order for the patients to be admitted to our hospital to receive the patient acceptance and other procedures completely and quickly, official identification (identity card, driving license or institution certificate) indicating the identification number will be required. Please do not forget to bring with you.

vOur patients will be able to perform the computer registration procedures by first selecting the branch and the relevant physician to be examined and by applying to the patient registry units in the ground floors of the cardiology and chest diseases departments of our hospital.

vYou can wait for the examination in the examination label (on the patient's barcode) in front of the relevant policlinic.

vIf you are going for a paid examination, check the cashier's fee and go to the outpatient clinic where you will be examined with the examination label given to you.

vYou will be called to be examined according to the order of the name on the patient call screen at the entrance of the outpatient clinic.

vIn terms of the privacy of the patients under examination, please do not enter the patient call-screen automation on the entrance door of the outpatient clinic unless your name is ignored.

vAfter the examination, your doctor will give you the test, x-ray and so on. After your requests are entered to the computer environment, please go to the units related to the referral form and have your tests done.

vYour blood test results, X-ray, ultrasonography, CT etc. You can see your transactions from computer environment and PACS server automatically by the doctor through computer automation.

vPlease do not expect to get results. Your outpatient secretaries will help you.

vAlso under the online Transactions title from our hospital website;

Pacs results and laboratory results.


3)24 hours of uninterrupted service is provided in our Emergency Policlinics.